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Welcome to JCS Manzanita

Established within the JCS Family in 2018, JCS Manzanita operates out of two locations in La Mesa. Although new in name and location, all of our programs are well established with credentialed teachers that have been serving our students for many years.

JCS Manzanita partners with students, parents and communities in a personalized learning program that embraces innovative educational opportunities, practices habits of success, and builds a confident culture of lifelong learners.

With several distinct programs to serve students of all grade levels, we are proud of the small class sizes, our dedicated and passionate teachers and an amazing community of students and families. Our school encourages students and parents to partner with us in learning, giving students the opportunity to develop self-confidence as they understand their own strengths and weaknesses and become self-directed learners.

JCS Manzanita Elementary (K-5)

JCS AcademiesWe believe that every child is unique, precious, and worthy of celebrating! Our elementary academy program is designed for students who are passionate about extending learning beyond the traditional school day and classroom. We are dedicated to finding a better way for students to learn and thrive.  

Our small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, build student confidence and encourage academic achievement. Through project-based learning, differentiated instruction, and explicit teaching of 21st-century skills, we encourage our students to become inquisitive, life-long learners working to reach their full potential.

We believe a close connection between home and school is crucial to student performance. Teachers and staff make it their mission to come to know each child’s special talents, learning styles, strengths, and needs.  Parents are co-teachers on home study days giving them the ability to collaborate with teachers in the best interest of their student.  Parents also serve as classroom volunteers, field-trip guides, PTO members, and assist with school activities and events. Together we nurture the whole child while creating lifelong learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

JCS Manzanita Middle / High School (6-12)

JCS AcademiesOur middle and high school students attend classes with direct instruction two days a week. On the other two days, students may complete home study assignments at home OR, they are encouraged to attend the academy for personalized learning time (PLT). This allows them a structured environment to complete their home study assignments with a teacher available to answer questions and other students to collaborate with. With the support from a caring mentor, and our innovative curriculum from Summit Learning, our students are able to learn more, live more and be more.

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We have a close-knit community of learners. Our focus is on the student and his or her role in the learning community. We nourish this community by emphasizing the importance of individualized instruction. We hold our students to a high academic standard and provide the support that extends beyond class time.

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With a more flexible schedule, JCS Manzanita students have more time to explore their passions, participate in extra-curricular activities, and (in high school) attend community college classes, or maintain jobs. Our focus is to teach students the skills, knowledge, and expertise they need to master in order to succeed in work and life.

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Every student is unique and, therefore, the approach to each one is unique. Our teachers encourage students to take charge of their education and guide them to become independent lifelong learners as they accomplish their goals.

Home Study (Text--Based, Online, Blended Learning for K-12)

JCS Home StudyParents who wish to play a more significant role in their student’s education may choose the home study program. JCS Manzanita Home Study provides the most flexibility for students and parents, including choices for text-based, online and blended learning, but it also requires the greatest responsibility and self-direction. Students work primarily at home under the guidance of their parents to learn content and complete assignments created by credentialed teachers. Students have monthly meetings with their teachers to turn in work, and receive new assignments. Additional support via mentors can be provided as needed, as well as core-course tutoring. Students also have access to academy classes that are available at varying levels based on the interest and the needs of our home study families.

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