About JCS Manzanita

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Our Vision & Mission

JCS Manzanita values the individual, guiding each learner along an educational journey toward a meaningful life.

JCS Manzanita partners with learners, families and communities in a personalized learning program that embraces innovative educational opportunities, practices habits of success, and builds a confident culture of lifelong learners.


Julian Charter School is the first school I ever felt like I fit in. I love my teachers and the other kids are all nice.

Sam O. JCS 4th Grade Student

JCS Home Study has allowed me the flexibility to educate my own child while providing me with all the resources to be successful!

Megan G. JCS Home Study Parent

We are a success story, and it wouldn’t have happened without Julian Charter School.

Shelley C. JCS HOme Study Parent

You’re never going to find friendships at a (traditional) public school like you will here.

Peyton K. JCS High School Student

A Better Way to Learn and Thrive

At JCS Manzanita, we challenge every child to learn more, live more, and be more.

Our Administration

Sheryl McKay, Principal
Christina Conerly, Assistant Director

Our Elementary Academy Staff

Teresa Yurchis, Kindergarten Teacher
Kelsey Thackston, First Grade Teacher
James Ruland, Second Grade Teacher
David Tong, Third Grade Teacher
Angie Allison, Fourth Grade Teacher
Heather Coates, Fifth Grade Teacher
Anna Orzel-Arnita, Education Specialist
Ginny Herkert, Office Manager
Rachel Van Cleave, Intervention Aide
David McKay, Instructional Aide
Caroline Mahon-Hurd, Instructional Aide
Jeannette Breuninger, Instructional Aide

Our Middle School Academy Staff

Michael Horvath, Physical Education
Karen Koch, Humanities
Christine Ludolph, Science
Jeremiah Seefeldt, Humanities/Math
Janette Gomez Monteagudo, Education Specialist
Katherine Whitcomb, Office Manager

Our Home Study Staff

Heidi Grettenberger, Educational Facilitator
Aaron Labovitz, Educational Facilitator
Kristy Matthews, Educational Facilitator/Social Studies Specialist
Stacey Hunter, Education Specialist/ACCESS Teacher
Stacey Sperry, Educational Facilitator
Christina Wilson, Educational Facilitator

Our Counseling Staff